What’s new in WordPress?

Wordpress Training in  ChennaiWordPress 4.9 has been released recently. Millions of people are using WordPress with different themes and plug-in. WordPress 4.8 brought widgets including audio, video, image, rich text and much more. It helps to create the new WordPress gallery. If you want to add a more powerful gallery, you need to choose a third-party plug-in like Envira Gallery. It helps to create attractive word press galleries in minutes, it looks like using our mobile drag and drop process is used for image uploading. An individual can also reshape the size as per their need in less duration. Get to know how helpful the WordPress is and update yourself with recent innovations via WordPress Training in Chennai.

Image Uploading in Text Widget

Newly launched text widget come with plain text editors. A user must write an HTML code for adding a new image. WordPress 4.9 allows you add the images and this button appears in the top right corner.

Media Uploading in Text Widget

Visual Editor is becoming a part of WordPress 4.8 and it helps to integrate with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

Generally, Video Widget was restricted to display the videos on Vimeo or YouTube. For example, it appears on WordPress sites only with direct video URL. With 4.9 versions you can add video thumbnail and it supports to display the videos.

WordPress 4.9 is user-friendly, it provides an enhanced experience to the back-end users. Learn the advanced concepts of WordPress through WordPress course in Chennai, updating you with recent innovations is really helpful.

WordPress 4.9 Experience

WordPress 4.9 will bring a great editing experience. You will see an enhanced editor while editing coding in themes and plug-in with the support of the customer.

Specific areas of WordPress 4.9

  1. Theme Installation
  2. Scheduling changes and publishing the new one
  3. Changing theme

Recent Updates 

In WordPress 4.9, an individual can update the Customizer’s menu creation. With this, you can improve your website quality with additional features. An updated menus panel helps to improve the quality of the web.

Menu Creation

Generally, customers open a dedicated menu creation section. Using this section allows you to guide the user to create a new one. Once creating menu will help us to create more.

Create menu for Location

Location section allows you to create a menu for a location and it doesn’t allow you to create.

Career Support

Candidates who have good communication skill, critical thinking ability can get a better profession in IT world. Aptitude skills are mandatory, numerous organizations are conducting aptitude exam and once clearing aptitude exam a candidate will move to the next level. Problem-solving, good communication, Effective Team Management skills are mandatory to get a perfect job. Learn all this in one place at Placement Training in Chennai. Specialists approach is helpful to become a master in this field. Reach over at FITA and get your dream job with good salary package.

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