Four Ways to leverage Big Data by big data training in Chennai-Part 1

imagesOrganization, be it small medium or large in scale and size of the business, captures information in a large volume, regularly generating terabytes (huge amount) of complex information, that is, big data. Hadoop training in Chennai explains that the information might be details of multi-channel devices that are related to online purchases, credit card usage, social media, internet downloads and more in thousands which may sometimes be even millions and billions of people.


Analyzing big data to speak of has gradually become a foundation to innovation, to successfully battle in competition and to underpin the growth in productivity and also crucify the customer information. As per the advice of hadoop training Chennai, adoption of CRM system can be an effective solution for displaying the important takeaways and also to display the information across the whole organization in a format that is palpable. Added to it, the data that exist may also be built on for the consumer facing teams which make it easy to identify the customer needs further and also the organizational loopholes.


The initial function is CRM solution is to bring down the cost by introducing automation process for consumer oriented process, that is to collect and analyze the customer info to make sure that it lives up to the customer’s expectation, which eventually elevates the customer’s satisfactory level. This results in the visibility of results and also pay-offs which justify the investment that are made in the system is surely a must in productivity and profitability that needs a tangible improvement, as explained by big data training in Chennai.


Trends may come and go, specific channels will attain exponential popularity, and certain business needs to ensure that they are able to capitalize on those available opportunities. For eg, analyzing and collating data related to the mobile phone usage like popular downloads, type of phone, no. of text messages, average call time, etc. will lead to an optimal service offerings for the products,  and thereby increase the sales volumes and also reducing customer churn.