Different aspects of cloud computing:

History of  Cloud:

Cloud computing has evolved into technology with so many other names such as grid, utility computing, application service provider and software as a service etc. then finally named as cloud computing. Cloud computing started its journey in the year 1960. The First product from the factory cloud computing is the sales force which is introduced in the year 1999. The job opportunities made the students understand the underlying advantages of learning Cloud Computing Training in Chennai.In the year 2002 Amazon started the cloud computing service with storage, computing and human intelligence which stands the second place now. In the year 2006 Amazon is used by many clients for the cloud computing, which came into the market with commercialization.

Scaling in cloud technology:

There are two types of scaling in cloud computing. They are horizontal scaling and vertical scaling. Vertical scaling means the load of the data or traffic is managed by a single server by making some technical changes, whereas in vertical scaling the load is managed by two servers. The business model influences a lot in scaling the cloud. Startup companies can use the vertical scaling if the load is in increasing mode. Vertical scaling is doing changes in the network or hard drive disk. Horizontal scaling is suitable for the enterprise solution where the change is huge. SAAS, IAAS, PAAS, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, scalability, and virtualization are some of the topics taught in the Cloud Computing Courses in Chennai.

Security in cloud computing:

Private cloud is more secure than public cloud. For example, some business uses the private cloud for primary site and public cloud for the secondary site. As per the report, 67 percent prefer hybrid cloud, 22 percent prefer public cloud and 5 percent prefer private cloud.If the application or data are saved in the cloud network, then physical access is not applicable which shows that security is lacking. So if the data is sensitive then it has to be protected using a private cloud. Due to the security issues, big companies have their own cloud like Amazon, Flipkart, Oracle etc. because competition and the security are the areas with the high focus for the big companies. Cloud is the vast area with global and domestic demand, which draws the interest of beginners and experienced to do the Cloud Training in Chennai

Using multi-cloud for the business:

Using private, public and hybrid cloud for business prevents the business by reducing the cost and minimizing the risk. Multi-cloud provides multiple options and for geographic targeting. Machine learning and hacking techniques are the giant threats to the business. So, to prevent the business it is important to use multi-cloud. Big companies have their own cloud which is public cloud whereas small companies need to focus on data security which is more prone to competitors. Technology is changing every day, which is the biggest boon for the software industry and ultimately demands of Cloud Computing TrainingLearning is the ongoing process and interesting task in life. Cloud computing is the demanding technology among the top ten technologies.

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